The Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

The Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

The Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Implementation in Dry Food Packaging Industry


The article “The Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Implementation in Dry Food Packaging Industry”¹, characterizes and classifies the advantages in carrying out ERP Systems in an organization¹. In doing as such, the article accumulates the advantages of ERP framework execution from the writing survey, orders the ERP benefits into key, strategic and functional advantages in every business capabilities, examinations the ERP benefits in view of business processes in dry food bundling industry and their benefits to the association and sums up of ERP benefits¹.

This article gives a scrutinize of the ordered advantages of ERP Implementation. In this manner it gives leaders balanced data to consider while settling on choices in regards to the execution of ERP Applications.

Supplier Benefits

As per the article, is states that the provider can follow the interest of the organization through the information in the promoting division and supply the materials to finish the stock of the company¹. This without a doubt can be an upper hand in that an organization can outflank its rivals by getting it done and benefits brilliantly, cost, and quality.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that the organization being referred to has not executed information insurance acts, there could be information spilled to contender organizations by representatives straightforwardly working with ERP application information. This, thus, inconveniences the organization against its rivals. This issue can be settled by convincing workers to join Professional Institutes, or social orders, upholding moral guidelines and taming legal demonstrations of parliament.

Finance Benefits

Regarding finance benefits, the article points out that with ERP Financials Modules , you can report, analyze, and allocate cash in real time, and establish in-house banks or payment centers¹. Needless to state that facilitating quicker and easier payment methods to suppliers results to quick delivery of goods and services therefore fulfilling of the three golden triangle of any project which is time.

However, the article, does not mention that implementing a digital payment platform can be costly and complex because payment platforms involve many several stakeholders which could include banks, regulatory authorities, and digital security companies amongst others. This challenge can be resolved by engaging one stop digital payment solutions which encompasses all stakeholders involved in digital payment platforms therefore reducing costs and avoiding engagements with several stakeholders.

Human Resource Benefits

The article further states that by implementing ERP systems, the companies can align team and individual goals with corporate goals and strategies, standardize employee reviews and appraisals, tie compensation to performance, support a performance-oriented compensation process¹. Additionally, skills on state-of-the-art technologies are acquired by employees which translates into delivery of quality service to the company.

The article, however, does not state the risk emanating from employees with state-of-the-art skills in technology in a company. These risks include amongst high staff turn over to competitor companies and high salaries therefore increasing the human resource budget of the company. Staff turnover cannot completely avoided but it can be reduced. This can be done implementing by implementing any of the motivation’s theories by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Herzberg’s and Motivation-Hygiene theory¹.


This article analyzed a portion of the advantages of ERP applications in an organization by breaking down advantages and disadvantages determined by finance, human asset, and deals units in an organization. Further articles are expected to expand on this article by looking at the two advantages and downside of ERP applications with exact proof. This will empower association to pursue very much educated choices while carrying out ERP applications .