Summer Internship

Summer Internship

This blog will take a gander at what I realized and dealt with during my four weeks as a Python Developer Intern at BeyonData Solutions.

I acquired information on the advancement of the Odoo structure during the temporary position. Odoo is a structure that guides in the formation of ERP arrangements by engineers. A type of programming known as big business asset arranging (ERP) is utilized by undertakings to oversee routine business tasks like bookkeeping, buying, project the executives, risk the board, consistence, and production network the board. Undertaking execution the executives and devices for arranging, planning, guaging, and revealing monetary outcomes are likewise remembered for a full Odoo ERP suite.

Presently, to foster these ERP arrangement capabilities, we should utilize innovations like Python, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, and API structure. Additionally, we likewise need some fundamental useful information on business processes. I acquired information in Odoo advancement, and I utilized it to make a basic library the board program and fix specific blemishes in the client’s undertaking.

During this, I have alloted a few errands like making sees for programming and do the necessary changes in the current ventures of the organization clients. Likewise, to acquire information on Odoo I began building programming for the Library Management System and did it from the scratch.

Management System Software Package

Reader Registration

Prime Member Registration

New Book Entry

Library Book Database

Borrow Book

Bring Book back

Eventually, I acquired information and involvement with many regions, including the Odoo system, ERM programming, PostgreSQL, Database, XML, Python, VMs, security access the board, item plan, and advancement strategies, client necessities, matching specialized and non-specialized examination to work on the item, troubleshooting, and furthermore a few delicate abilities, including using time productively, collaboration, posing and responding to inquiries during formal gatherings, and general information.