Throughout the years, the United States has always been the study destination chosen by numerous international students. The cost of studying in the United States, despite being more expensive than many European countries, but the quality of training and valuable scholarship programs are factors that make studying in the United States attract the most students.


It is estimated that the cost of studying in the United States for one year will be between 25,000 USD and 50,000 USD and how much the United States study cost depends on the school, city and state you study. Study abroad fees in the United States are among the most expensive in the world, although there is a difference between schools, majors and education levels. Most students studying in the United States look for scholarships from the government, organizations and schools or financial aid packages from universities. The cost of studying in the United States is basically the following:

There are many types of universities in the US, including public universities, non-profit private universities (often with student financial support due to large budgets). The tuition fees of each school are different, as follows:

Type Tuition fee (USD/year)
Community college 17,580
Public college 40,940
Private non-profit college 50,900


There is a difference in tuition fees of different study abroad programs, typically between undergraduate and post graduate levels.

Study program Tuition fee (USD / year)
University 20,000 – 50,000
Postgraduate (Master, PhD) 20,000 – 30,000

Besides that, in each state, cities of the United States have different fees. Tuition fees in some cities are as follows:

City Type Tuition fee (USD/year)
Massachusetts Public 15,524
Private 34,369
New York Public 13,198
Private 23,868
Pennsylvania Public 18,614
Private 26,358


Below are typical tuition fees in the states:

State Type Tuition fee (USD/year)
North Carolina Public 10,889
Private 21,595
Florida Public 13,524
Private 17,976
Texas Public 11,173
Private 18,468
California Public 10,814
Private 24,989
Georgia Public 10,554
Private 18,136
Michigan Public 12,983
Private 23,001


Regarding cost of living in the United States, we will see as details:

  •  Living costs are based on territories

The cost of studying in the United States cannot be included in the cost of living in this country. Here is the standard of living in US regions and cities:

East Coast

  • Boston (Massachusetts) and Miami (Florida): 1,520 – 3,000 USD / month;
  • Atlanta (Georgia): under 1,000 – 1,900 USD / month;
  • Philadelphia (Pennsylvania): 800 – 1,300 USD / month;
  • Washington D.C., and New York City: USD 1,800 – 3,500 / month.

West Bank

  • Los Angeles (California): 1,100-1,600 USD / month
  • San Francisco (California): 2,300 – 4,000 USD / month;
  • San Diego (California): 1,400 – 2,400 USD / month.

Central area

  • New Orleans (Louisiana): 1,030 – 1,900 USD / month;
  • Seattle (Washington): 1,480 – 2,500 USD / month.

North center

  • Chicago (Illinois): 1,250 – 2,350 USD / month;
  • Detroit (Michigan): 1,050 – 1,770 USD / month.

Southern: Dallas (Texas) and Houston (Texas): 900 – 1,500 USD / month.

  • Rent cost

Like living standards in the United States, the cost of renting a house in this country is also varied by region, territory and house type. An average apartment (one bedroom, located in a suburban area) can cost a minimum of 600 USD / month, while one-bedroom apartments in the city center can reach up to 3,000 USD / month. Living in a dormitory is always more expensive than renting an apartment outside. A room of 2 people in a dormitory usually costs 450 USD / month.

The average price of dormitory rooms in universities is at:

  • Public university: 9,800 USD / academic year
  • Private university: 11,100 USD / academic year
  • Utility costs

Utilities here are electricity, water, gas, Internet – essential expenses in life. Some rental houses do not include these funds in the contract so you should check the terms carefully before placing a renting pen. Utility costs in the United States fluctuate as follows:

  • Electricity charge: 500 – 100 USD / month (winter heating can be up to 150 USD / month)
  • Internet money: 45-50 USD / month
  • Telephone service: 50 USD / month
  • Water fee: 50-75 USD / month
  •  Money for meals

The cost of your monthly food can be as high as $ 400-600 per month, depending on your shopping and eating habits. If students live in hostels, they can eat at canteen at a price of 250 USD / month.

  • Travel expenses

Tickets using public transport in the United States usually cost between $ 45 and $ 100. For example, in Cincinnati, student subway passes cost 53 dollars per semester, and in Nashville, monthly tickets for public transport are 44 USD. Not all schools have discounted student fares.

  • Books and school supplies

The cost of studying in the United States cannot include a large amount for books and school supplies. American universities and colleges often do not accept students using photo books, you have to buy the original but you can save a little by buying back old materials from your older siblings. The money to buy books and necessary school supplies is $ 400-1,000 a year.

Above are the necessary study abroad fees for those who intend to study in the United States in 2019. In addition to the fees listed above, there will definitely be incidents, so students should save 1,000 – 2,000 USD in case of uncertainty.

Although studying in the United States is more expensive than some other English-speaking countries, prestige in education and quality of life is the reason why the country still receives a large number of international students studying abroad every year. Based on the statistics of studying abroad in the United States in 2018, you and your family can fully consult and set out the direction to save reasonable expenses to select the living area and the school in accordance with the financial ability of your family, able to pay for years of living and studying in the US, fulfilling the long-held American study abroad dream.